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Dr. Dipti Joshi - Psychologist
About Dr. Dipti Joshi:
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  • 1313 Ganesh Glory Near BSNL Office, Jagatpura Chenpur Road S.G. Highway Jagatpur Ahemdabad - 382481
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    I have the privilege of being one of the first persons in Gujarat to be trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, from the Beck Institute Philadelphia.

    I have done my PhD in Psychology from Gujarat University, and my Research Topic was ‘Variables Related To success in life”. For which I was awarded the Young Scientist Award at The Indian Science Congress in the year 2000.

    I have been active in the field of psychology since 2001, I have been working in many areas, including psychological testing, counseling & psychotherapy, as well as conducting lectures, seminars and training programs.

    Psychological Testing

    In providing diagnostic services and psychometric testing, I use standardized IQ tests as well as Personality tests such as WISC, BKT, VSMS, DST, CARS, TAT, HTP, and BG etc.


    For psychotherapy and counseling Iuse a combination of my core training in psychology along with, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and REBT Rational Emotive behavior Therapy, which are now a major tradition in psychotherapy.

    Lectures and Seminars

    I have been invited for several Lectures, Seminars and workshops to School, Colleges, and Community groups, Clubs, TV shows and Radio talks on several topics related to Psychology.

Key Functional Strength:
  • Guiding and supporting individuals towards lifestyle and Behavior change.
  • Offering psychometric testing including IQ test and developmental level assessments and some other clinical test batteries.
  • Offering psychotherapy to clients/patients on the basis of one’s requirement after conducting initial assessment and diagnosis of clients/ patient.
  • Conducting individiual therapy, group therapy and couple's therapy with patients & their families.
  • Imparting training programs and seminars through use of audio-visual aids.
  • Authoring articles.
Institutional Affiliations:
  • Affiliated Member of American Psychological Association APA, Washington DC.
  • Life & Founder Member – Gujarat Association of Practising Psychologist (GAPP ), Ahmedabad, India.
  • Associate Member, Indian Science Congress Association, Calcutta, India.
  • Life Member, Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist, India.
  • Trainer and Facilitator at “ Morphic Minds” (CBT / REBT Training institute) under Dr. ShishirPalsapure - Associate Fellow and Supervisor Albert Ellis, New York, USA.
  • Faculty at “ Jiyo Life Surat” - an online website for suicide prevention, Surat, India.
  • Member of a website – “Parenting for Peace”.
  • “YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD“ .National Award, January 2000. for A paper presented at Indian Science Congress in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Other Professional Contributions:
  • Freelance writing for various publications on, relationships, self improvement. Articles and quotes featured in Times of India,NavbharatTimes, DivyaBhaskar, Sandesh, Gujaratmitra, Femina etc.
  • Made several appearances as an Expert on various radio shows and TV shows giving opinions on relationship and mental health issues.
  • Lectures and presentations with NGOs like ANIS for topics on - WomanEmpowerment like Confidence Building, Eve Teasing etc.
  • Honorary consultation at camps, on topics like “ Screening of MentalRetardation”.
  • Administered group screening test among school children.
  • Conducted weekly workshop for children on topics like “Habits of Happy Children”.
  • Conducted training programs for special educators and school teachers for the basic assessment and screening for early identification of disorders in children.
Lectures by Invitation ( Past 5 Years ):
  • 2009 March "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families" A Book Review, South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2009 September "Early Identification of Signs of Learning Disability in Primary School Going Children”' Essar International School Surat.
  • 2009 October "Assessment techniques of Developmental Disorders in School” Essar International School, Surat.
  • 2009 December “ Intervention and treatment of Learning Disability”, SNDT College, Surat.
  • 2010 February “Euthanasia” SNDT College, Surat.
  • 2010 March “Habits of highly effective women" Gateway Ladies Club, Surat.
  • 2010 December “Sex education for adolescents”, Lourdes Convent School, Surat.
  • 2010 May “How to deal with emotional problems in Families” Aggarwal Samaj, Surat.
  • 2010 August "Emotional problems in Teenagers", Lourdes Covent School, Surat.
  • 2010 October “Habits of Healthy Happy Families" Jain Samaj, Surat.
  • 2010 November “ Raising Happy Healthy Self confident Children”, Young Ladies Club, Surat.
  • 2011 May "Peak performing women" Buhrani Samaj Ladies Club, Surat.
  • 2011 September “Seven Habits of Happy Kids" Narmad Library, Surat.
  • 2011 October “Role of a Clinical Psychologist in a Family Court" Jiyo Life Helpline, Surat.
  • 2012 March "Making your Marriage a success" K P Commerce College, Surat.
  • 2012 June “The making of a happy family” Buhrani Samaj Ladies Club, Surat.
  • 2013 May "Counseling People with Depression" Jeevan Astha Help line, Surat.
  • 2013 June " Handling Emotional problems in old age" Senior Citizen's Club, Surat.
  • 2013 July "The Social evil called Eve teasing" Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce Ladies Wing Surat.
  • 2013 October "Building Self confidence” Khamar Youth Festival, Ambaji, Gujarat.
  • 2014 September "Understanding and Handling Adolescents" Nirma University, Ahmedabad.
  • 2014 October, SVNIT Surat. 2 hours seminar topic "Essence od Adolesence".
  • 2014 October, SVNIT Surat. 1 day 7 hours workshop topic "Essence od Adolesence".
Professional Enhancement:
  • Several workshops attended of subjects related to -Social Psychiatry, Educational Sciences, Adolescent Psychological Problems, Behavior Problems in Children, Drug Abuseetc.
  • Annul seminars of Indian Science Congress Association and Indian association of Clinical Psychologists.
  • Certified course on assessment of psychological disorders by NIMH (Hyderabad), October 2001.
  • Certified in Cognitive BehaviorTherapy (CBT Level 1 &2), at “Morphic Minds” conducted by Dr. Shishir Palsapure- May 2012.
  • Learning and Supervising at Train the trainer workshop conducted by Morphic Minds October 2012.
  • Certified in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT Level 1&2), at “Morphic Minds” conducted by Dr. Shishir Palsapure- May 2013.
  • Certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT Level 2), at Chennai, by Dr. Bolton & Dr. Andrew Back, Organised by CARE Institute of Behavioural Science, Chennai, India & Salford Cognitive Therapy Training Centre, Manchester, UK. September 2012.
  • Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy – Conducted by Dr. Thomas M Brod. MD. January 2014.
  • Facilitated and supervised CBT Workshops Level 1 & 2 Conducted by Morphic Minds, April-May 2014.
  • Workshop at Beck Institute Philadelphia (USA) on "Teaching and Supervising CBT' in June 2014.
  • Workshop at Beck Institute Philadelphia (USA) on " CBT for Children and Adolescents' in June 2014.
  • Workshop at Beck Institute Philadelphia (USA) on " CBT for Anxiety Disorders' in May 2014.
  • Seminar on “ Training in the DSM V Understanding and adapting to the changes in the Diagnostic Systems. The Albert Ellis Institute, New York. May 2014.
  • Seminar on “ CBT/REBT : Similarities and DifferencesThe Albert Ellis Institute, New York. May 2014.
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Address (Clinic):
  • 1313 Ganesh Glory Near BSNL Office, Jagatpura Chenpur Road S.G. Highway Jagatpur Ahemdabad - 382481
  • Call me: +91-98985 02493
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  • Monday to Saturday
  • 09:00 am - 7:00 pm
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