Seminars & Programs

Dipti Joshi Developed Seminars and Programs as below:
Parenting Skills at Yuvraj School 9th Jan 2016:
Motivational support after Bariayatric Surgery at Asian Bariatrics Jan 30th 2016:
Emotional Regulation ofvTeenagers through CBT DBT at Vaneeta vishram college on 12th Feb:
Programs for Mental Health Professionals:

Introduction to CBT(1 day) &
Fundamentals of CBT (2 days):

  • What is CBT ?
  • Understanding the Principles, important components, core skills and interpersonal skills that make up this therapy.
  • For any body who is interested to know about the ideas underpinning CBT, preferably with some basic background of psychology required.

Apply CBT for children or Adolescents.(2 days workshop):

  • Training focuses on therapy with clients between the ages of 7 and 18.
  • Dealing with depression, anxiety and behavior or conduct problems.

Apply CBT to treat specific disorders,like Depression, Anxiety Disorders. ( 2-day workshop for each disorder):

  • Training focuses onhow the concepts of CBT can be applied to treat specific disorders, like depression, anxiety, comorbidity.
  • How to apply them in general terms to Anxiety disorders or Depression.

Emotional Health of kids with Special needs : ( 2 day workshop):

  • Understanding various kinds of emotional problems faced by children with special needs, as per their developmental stages.
  • Ways to effectively deal with them through play therapy and other therapy modules.
Programs for Non profesionals:

Raising Happy Healthy & Self confident Children.(1 day):

  • Basically Children want to make their parents happy, and with the methods I share in this program, you can learn exactly how to guide them in doing so through mutual respect, solid boundaries, and strong self-esteem and self-confidence. Parents face challenges that barely existed a decade ago. Learn what those challenges are, and what you can do to make your child a winner.
  • Discover the behaviors of effective, joyful parents.
  • Discover the special skills to influence the behaviors of your children that will help them succeed in life.

Understanding Adolescents.(1 day):

  • This program is aimed to help the parents to understand the way the brain chemistry of adolescents work.
  • Common emotional problems in adolescents.
  • Communicational and disciplinary skills to deal with adolescents.

Peak Performing Women.(1-day):

  • Women in positions of leadership, at home as home makers, as home business owners to corporate executives, All women will find this program inspirational.

Emotional health of special kids (1- day):

  • Parents and care takers of children with Metal retardation can benefit from this program. It focuses on understanding and accepting them the way they are.
  • Having realistic expectations from self and from these children, as per their potentials.
  • Increasing frustration tolerance and not falling in guilt trips. At the same time continue the noble work of being a strong support system for those who need them.

Some more similar programs …in making…:

  • Balancing academics and social life.
  • Getting prepared to leave your nest.
  • Getting Prepared to get married.
  • Getting prepared to become parents.
  • Sress management at work.
  • Anger Management.
  • Handling Eating disorders.

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