Psychological Testing:

Providing diagnostic services and psychometric testing using standardized IQ tests as well as Personality tests such as WISC, VSMS, DST, CARS, TAT, HTP, BG etc. Based on case history, presenting symptoms and test results, clients are provided with a provisional diagnosis of problem areas and are subsequently given appropriate therapy, behavior modification and counseling, they are also referred to occupational therapy speech therapy etc. Psychiatric referrals for clients are made when necessary.


In therapy, my clients and I work together as a team to identify and solve their problems and overcoming their difficulties.

As per CBT /REBT philosophies, I do believe, that it is not situations that primarily lead to our reactions, but rather, its our own interpretations of those situations, that are essentially responsible for the way we feel what we do. Therefore people tend to disturb themselves by holding rigid and extreme beliefs about life’s adversities. If people want to respond healthily to these adversities they need to change these rigid and extreme beliefs to a set of flexible and non-extreme beliefs.

I continue to be struck by how quickly and thoroughly CBT/REBT brings relief to people who struggle with depression, anxiety, and life stress, as well as by its applicability to problems like marital problems or procrastination or infact...almost every problem for which people seek psychotherapy.

Hence, during therapy I work collaboratively with my clients to identify, evaluate, and if necessary…modify problematic patterns of thinking as well as to acquire behavioral skills to manage emotional distress and/or make positive changes in their lives. Treatment plans are based on therapy goals and are individualized to each client.

Private Sessions

I have a small private practice in Ahmedabad where I see adults and adolescents in individual or couples therapy.

The following are my specialties:

  • Relationship problems (e.g. difficulties in marital relationships, parenting or professional relationships, dealing with conflict in relationships)
  • Self-discipline problems (e.g. procrastination, EATING DISORDERS, difficulties in maintaining healthy lifestyle patterns, problems in persistence)
  • Emotional Problems (e.g. Exam anxiety, Anger management, stress management, behavior problems in children, Academic difficulties, extreme shyness, grief, guilt, jealousy, insecurity, Adjustment problems etc.)
  • Anxiety Disorders (i.e. OCD, Phobias, Social Anxiety, Panic)
  • Mood Disorders (i.e. Depression, Anger)

How Do I Make an Appointment?

You can telephone me on 0261 2668962 or call on 91 9898502493 and leave a message on my answer machine. I will call you back as soon as possible.

How Long Do Sessions Last?

Sessions last for 50 to 60 minutes.

How Long Does Therapy Last?

While this is a frequently asked question, it can only be answered after I have met you and found out what problems you are seeking help for and what you want to achieve from therapy. I am happy to discuss this issue with you after I have carried out an initial assessment.


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