Jill T. Levitt, Ph.D.

Congratulations Dipti! I can't think of anyone who has worked harder than you! This is such a huge accomplishment and your students are all incredibly lucky to have you. Sending you lots of love, Jill

Leigh Harrington

Congratulations, Dipti!!! It's been so nice getting to know you, your warmth, and presence in the TEAM community! I look forward to the continued journey. Thank you for all you bring to the world of TEAM, and thus, the world. A big hug, Dipti! Leigh

Todd S. Daly

Congrats, Dipti! One of the subtle benefits during our pandemic was for TEAM to expand to a worldwide audience and you've been one of the key contributors and leaders. Your compassion towards others is second to none, so thank you for being you.

Matthew May

Congratulations Dipti! I feel so proud to have been a part of your success. And I feel happy knowing you will offer so much to so many people. Thank you for your generous spirit!

Daniel Mintie

Congratulations Guru! I'll be thinking of you and your students as the full moon rises over the mountains here this evening

Brandon Vance

Congratulations, Dipti!!! So happy for you. I find you to be such a warm and wonderful therapist and such a clear and creative teacher. big hugs!

Heather Clague

Hi Dipti, Here's my blurb for your website. Cheers, Heather Dr. Dipti Joshi is one of the brightest, most energetic, creative and generous people I have met. She is a gifted therapist and teacher and is a gem in the TEAM-CBT community.